Find your favorite books online is a website - project which purpose is the improvement of the culture of reading and using the Internet as the best media for information exchange. Main goal of this site is to introduce quality information about books that are published or could be bought in Serbia. Website is imagined as a place where readers can reach various data about all of these books and their publishers.

The most important aspect of the site will be exchange of information among the readers and users of the site. This is one of the best ways to get the recommendation for a good book and also to get the knowledge what books should be read, what not, and what books should be a part of someones library. Also the users will be able to discover new books and new authors by reading the experiences of the others about read books. has a plan to introduce links to websites of all publishers in Serbia. That way visitors will have all links to Serbian publishers websites in one place. could be there starting point in search for their favorite books.

All links on have been established on demand and have been approved by publishers. Every website is checked, and only after that it is added on is intended for Serbian readers. So we only add links to Serbian publishers websites, at least for now. If you are owner of publishing house from some other country and want to place your link on, don't hesitate to write on our e-mail and we shall consider your proposal.

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